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Houseparents Doug & Karla Eberle

Doug and Karla Eberle have been houseparenting since 1991 when they began allowing pregnant teens to live with their family in their private home. The first few years it was just one girl at a time, but that all changed when Harbor House opened it's Celina (Fayette Street) location in 1994. After housing over 90 girls at Celina's former Gibbons Hospital, in 2007 the Celina home was closed, replaced by former relief houseparents as local shepherding families. Meanwhile Doug, Karla, and 3 of their 5 children moved to Norwalk, Ohio, to re-open and establish local support for a maternity home in Huron County (north-central Ohio).

Karla (Duff) Eberle is the founder and former Executive Director of Harbor House Maternity Home. She is the mother of six children, including one she placed for adoption prior to her marriage as a result of her own teen pregnancy. Karla became a Christian in 1980 during her stay in an upstate NY maternity home. While attending college at Toledo (OH) University, she helped with organizing a new local crisis pregnancy center. A few years later Karla was appointed by the president of the Ohio Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees) to serve a term as Family Life State Chairman. She is a state-certified Adoption Assessor, a certified Doula (birthing assistant), and has received trained in biblical counseling through the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors (NANC).

With his background in management, sales and marketing, Doug left the secular workworld and joined Karla full-time in 1996, acting as both housefather and Development Director. He has served twice as Executive Director and currently, along with sharing the houseparenting duties with Karla, is the organization's Operations Director. Doug is trained in biblical counseling as well. He also sees to the IT (technical) needs of the ministry and, with his eye for design, does nearly all the graphic work for the web site, print, and multimedia communications.

As houseparents, Doug and Karla average about 10 pregnant teens a year who temporarily live with their family (of the Eberles' five children together, only the two youngest, Kara --aka KC--and Kavin, are still at home as of 2009.)

Karla and Doug Eberle, founders and houseparents
Karla and Doug Eberle

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