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Miscellaneous Links Page

The links on this page are a potpourri of various sites, usually (but also maybe not) having to do with issues relevant to our purpose. We can say that we've visited each of them and have not found anything offensive. Usually the owner has asked us to post their site link in exchange for posting ours.

Christian Life Resources (CLR) has been serving people since 1983 with information and support on life and family issues. Using God's Word as the motivation, their materials and services provide guides for making ethical decisions that are in accordance with Scripture. Also: books and videos available from an extensive lending library; a comprehensive website; brochures and books that cover timely and difficult topics; and a staff that is caring and willing to help.

"Mom, I'm Pregnant," or How to Tell Someone You are Pregnant

Friends First: Economic and Social Costs of Illegitimacy, Teen Pregnancy and Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Babies2Teens.com: Free online coupons for baby items, toys, cribs, strollers, baby car seats, books, music and more.

Money Matters Workshops and e-Books show teens and young adults step-by-step how to construct a budget, manage their credit, and understand the benefits of investing in their future.

Single Spouse, a place where single parents can share the same single parenting experiences.

TYME Ministries (in Essex County, New Jersey) offers teen parent support with school, work, taking care of children, meeting everyday needs, childcare and making friends with other teen parents.

Christianity Oasis On-Line or C.O.O.L. is a place that Christians can come to enjoy the fellowship of other Christians by way of chat rooms and message boards.


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