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Mastering Life Skills
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Standard high school classes and curriculum
Graduate-equivalency degree (GED) program
High school, junior high and GED (high school equivalency) courses are all available through Harbor Christian School, an on-premises ACSI non-chartered and unlicensed private school. Residents are not withdrawn from their home school district, but instead continue work here as an extension of their current home curriculum. Licensed teachers work one-on-one with each girl during their stay to keep them current and to facilitate an easy return to their home school.

Basic Decision-making
  Mending broken or strained relationships with family, friends, and most importantly, with God, are one of the primary goals of the counseling for the girls. Another primary goal is to teach each girl how to make decisions for the future with all things considered. Most counseling does not take place in a sterile office but day by day, moment by moment. Counsel is based on God's Word as a sufficient tool for change— change that pleases God.
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