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Cost and Fees

When a girl leaves her family to stay at Harbor House, we believe it should not change the balance of the family finances. Moving out of her home & coming to live at Harbor House should not be a financial blessing NOR a financial burden to the girl's family. The goal in charging a fee is to match the cost of what it take financially to keep the girl at home.

In order to do this, Harbor House uses a sliding scale - it takes into account the family size and the family's annual income, plus a few other financial variables.

Realize, on average, it takes about USD $180 a day per resident to maintain the services Harbor House provides. Given that, we have determined the maximum cost to anyone (i.e. families whose incomes range in the top 5% of American households) will currently* be USD $130 a day (USD $3,975.00 per month). Some families will pay next to nothing based on their financial circumstances.

No one has ever been turned away based on an inability to pay and the Director may waive any or all fees (excluding a one-time USD $150 application fee) after a financial assessment of the family. A sliding fee schedule has been established as a guideline that takes into account the applicant's family size and family income.

Besides services like counseling and medical care, the housing fee covers most basic things like meals, transportation and utilities. There is also a supply of donated maternity clothing that residents can choose from, as well as donated health/beauty aids and toiletries. Any group/family activities such as youth events or field trips are also covered as well as basic educational supplies like notebooks, paper, etc. A notable exception: residents should have extra pocket money available to them for their own personal spending.

* Fees reviewed annually and subject to change.

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