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Guiding Principles of Harbor House

1. Abortion is wrong. Harbor House will do everything possible within the law to prevent abortion. (Ex. 20:13; Job 10:8; Ps. 22:9; 139:13-16; Prov. 24:11; Is. 49:1; Jer. 1:5; Luke 1:41)

2. God wants everyone to come to a saving knowledge of Him. (Jn. 3:16; 2 Pe. 3:9)

3. Single-parenting does not fit God's perfect plan for the family. God designed the blueprint for the family: A male father and female mother living together and united in marriage, raising their children to love and to fear Him (Gen. 2:23,24; Ps. 127:3-5; Eph. 6:1-3; Deut. 6:6-9).

4. Adoption is preferred and in most cases the best choice for a minor birthmother. Adoption is a biblical choice and mirrors God's relationship with his children (Ex. 2:10; Esth. 2:7; Is. 63:16; Jn. 1:12; Rom. 8:15; 2 Cor. 6:18; Eph. 1:5).

5. Children must honor and obey their parents in the Lord, even if they are about to become parents themselves. Only marriage supercedes obedience to parents.

6. Parents are a design of God for their children's protection, growth and nurturing. The family is ordained by God as the primary protection unit and the body of believers within the church is designed as a secondary protection to assist and reinforce the parents. Everything done by Harbor House will also reinforce these two protection devices. Harbor House will stand behind the parents even if-to their children-some of their actions seem "mean" or "stupid," as we similarly will stand behind the client's home church.

7. Child abuse in any form-whether physical, sexual, or emotional-is always wrong. If a child is being abused by her parents (outside of acceptable disciplinary measures, i.e. corporal punishment, etc.), Harbor House will notify the proper governmental authorities.

8. Like children who seek emancipation from their parents, parents seeking to disinherit their children are wrong. Harbor House will do everything possible to restore biblical relationships between parents and children.

9. Any believer who is walking in faith and obedience to God is competent to counsel another believer. All are called to counsel. (Rom. 15:14; Gal. 6:1,2)

10. Harbor House is not an institution. It is not a shelter. It is a Christian family taking pregnant young girls in as a part of their family just as God integrated us into His family. It is a two-parent home with both natural and "adopted" children.

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